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Atwell Media Services (AMS) makes it possible for you to reach consumers on-the-go with an abundance of out-of-home formats in multiple markets, including mobile and digital signs, billboards, transit and bulletins. From our centralized office, we'll use our expertise to secure and monitor your highly effective outdoor advertising campaign, saving you valuable time and resources, while fully maximizing your advertising budget.


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OOH design guide

Creating Effective Out Of Home Advertising

There are a few basic guidelines to consider when designing for the outb of home medium, but they are not rules. There are always exceptions. However, adapting the guidelines does require an appreciation for the rudimentary principles of good out of home design.

The out of home medium presents limitless options and approaches for creative design. There are dozens of sizes and shapes, seemingly endless locations and stunning technologies offering boundless opportunities for designing effective advertising.

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OOH Brand

Take Another Look. Out of Home Advertising.

  • Letter from Nancy Fletcher, CEO
  • The Out of Home Brand
  • Thinking Differently about OOH
  • Our Target Audience
  • Brand Pyramid

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Outdoor Advertising Glossary Of Terms

  • Allotment – The number of faces (also known as panels or units) required to achieve a desired GRP level in a market.
  • Billboard – Standardized large format of outdoor advertising displays intended for viewing from extended distances. The most common billboard displays includeBulletins, Posters and 8-sheets.
  • Circulation – Potential exposures that could be generated within a campaign period based on the traffic volume in a market.
  • Coverage – The boundaries of a market; also refers to the percentage of a county or counties exposed to an Outdoor advertising campaign.
  • Cost Per Thousand (CPM) – The cost of every one-thousand exposuresaccumulated by an advertising campaign.Formula:Campaign cost / circulation or impressions (thousands)
  • Cost per Gross Rating Point (CPP) –The cost of advertising exposure opportunities that equal to one gross rating point within a market.
  • Daily Effective Circulation (D.E.C.) –The average number of passers-by that could potentially be exposed to an advertising display for either 12 hours (unilluminated – 6:00am to 6:00pm) or 18 hours (illuminated – 6:00am to 12:00 midnight) on an average day.
  • Embellishments/Extensions/Cutouts –Letters, figures or mechanical devices that serve as add-ons to the billboard. These add-ons may extend beyond the standard advertising structure, all to produce special effects.
  • Face –The surface area on an outdoor structure where advertising copy is displayed. Can also be referred to as a "panel" or "unit". A structure may have more than one face.
  • Facing –The direction that an outdoor panel faces. For instance, a south facing board will be seen by northbound traffic.
  • Flight –The length of an advertising campaign, sometimes divided into distinct segments over the course of several months.
  • Frequency –The average number of times an individual has the opportunity to see an advertising message during a defined period of time. Frequency and Percent Reach in Outdoor advertising are typically measured over a four-week period.
  • Gross Rating Point (GRP) or Total Rating Point (TRP) –The term refers to the total number of circulation or impressions delivered by a media schedule expressed as a percentage of a market population. GRP levels could be expressed on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
      Formula (GRPs could be calculated in two ways):
    • 1. Percent Reach x Average Frequency within a campaign period.
    • 2. Total circulation (impressions) within a campaign period / base population x 100
  • Illuminated Outdoor –Advertising structures installed with electrical equipment for illumination of the message from dusk till midnight.
  • Impressions –Exposures registered against the target audience by an advertising campaign.
  • Location List –A listing of media locations included in a specific Outdoor campaign.
  • Permanent Billboard –A Bulletin advertisement which remains at one location for the entire term of the single advertiser’s campaign. Many Bulletin locations may be marked as "Permanent" units, meaning they are sold for longer flights and not included in a market's list of locations available for "Rotary" programs.
  • Posting Date –The actual day new copy is affixed to an advertising face.
  • Cost per Gross Rating Point (CPP) –The cost of advertising exposure opportunities that equal to one gross rating point within a market.
  • Posting Instructions –Detail marketing objectives provided to an outdoor ompany by an advertiser or agency. The information is used to chart a Showing ith the greatest efficiency in reaching a target audience.
  • Rating Point –One rating point is equivalent to 1% of the market population.
  • Reach (in %) –The estimated percentage of a target audience who will be potentially exposed to an advertising message at least once during a specific campaign period. Percent Reach and Frequency are normally measured over a four-week period.
  • Ride the Showing –The physical inspection of the units that comprise an Outdoor program in a market, either during a pre-buy or post-buy stage.
  • Rotary Bulletin –Refers to a Bulletin location that can be sold within a Rotary Program.
  • Rotary Poster –Refers to a Poster location that can be sold within a Rotary Program
  • Rotary Program –The movement of an advertiser’s message from one location to another at fixed intervals in order to achieve greater reach within the market
  • Spectacular –An out-of-home advertising structure that is usually larger than a standard Bulletin, and is positioned at a prime location. A spectacular often utilizes special embellishments, such as special light effects or 3-D features, etc.
  • Start Date –The date when a campaign is scheduled to commence. A five-day leeway is customary.
  • Street Furniture –Advertising displays that provide a public amenity, positioned at close proximity to pedestrians for eye-level viewing or at a curbside to impact vehicular traffic. The most common Street Furniture displays include Transit Shelters, Newstands/News Racks, Kiosks, Urban or City Panels.
  • Showing –The number of panels required to reach a set percentage of its population daily within a given market, generally represented in #25, #50, #75 and #100 showing levels.
  • TAB (Traffic Audit Bureau) –Established in 1933, TAB is a non-profit organization whose historical mission has been to audit the circulation of Out-of- Home media in the United States. Governed by a tripartite board comprised of advertisers, agencies and media companies, the TAB acts an independent auditor for traffic circulation in accordance to guidelines established by its Board of Directors. The rules govern both how audits are conducted as well as how circulation figures are reported.
  • Target Audience –The profile of the most desired consumers for a product or a service, defined by demographics, lifestyle, brand/media consumption or purchase behavior.
  • Traffic Audit –Traffic audit information is used to calculate Outdoor advertising DEC figures.. Data are collected either by government official count or by hand count and are validated by the Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB).
Media Buying
    Our long-term media relationships and buying power allow us to offer all of our clients the advantages of OOH Power Buys :
  • Volume Buying Power – We buy for numerous clients across North America. This means we purchase millions of dollars of outdoor advertising placements.
  • Financial Leverage – We have an excellent payment history with our out of home media partners, which allows us to make deals that no other agency can touch. In some cases , we even pre-pay the media to get additional discounts.
  • Exclusive Buying Process – Our fifty plus out-of-home media partnerships have been cemented for twenty plus years and continues to grow. This network has led to a proprietary process that provides our clients with the most organized, cost-effective outdoor advertising programs
Media Planning

The fundamental purpose of any media plan is to determine the best way to convey a message to the target audience. With out of home there are numerous formats that can help achieve the end goal. Our process synchronizes all contributing elements in order to achieve this specific goal.

    Market Analysis :
  • Traffic patterns
  • Where does the target demographic live, work, and shop
  • Historical outdoor campaign successes in target market. What’s worked, what hasn't.
    Media Objectives :
  • Branding & Image
  • Product / Service Knowledge
  • Business Location
  • Announcements / Events
    Outdoor Advertising Format Evaluation :
  • Bulletin and/or Poster
  • Transit and/or Mobile Billboard
  • Static versus Digital
  • Street Team and/or Mall Signage
    Creative :
  • Good v Bad Outdoor
  • 7 words or less
  • Determine if message is best for outdoor or print publication
  • Street Team and/or Mall Signage
Out of home statistics

Research Shows Mobile Advertising Gets Your Business Noticed

Don’t take our word for it. Read the research findings below to learn how effective Mobile Billboard Advertising can be.

Highlights of Some Research Findings

According to the Point of Purchase Institute displays using motion have been determined to be the most effective advertising in product sales.

According to the Point of Purchase Institute displays using motion have been determined to be the most effective advertising in product sales.

    The Transportation Advertising Council of America (TACA), a specialty group of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, confirmed mobile media’s effectiveness in a 2001 study. According to Outdoor Advertising Magazine (July/August 2002), TACA’s market research indicated that:
  • Messages on outdoor mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate.
  • 96% of respondents said mobile is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising.
    Findings by 3M:
    3M in their research on mobile advertising include:
  • 91% of the target audience noticed text and graphics on mobile billboards.
  • 35% of respondents looked closely at the mobile units.
  • 29% of those surveyed said they would buy products advertised on mobile displays.
  • 75% of individuals develop an impression about a company and its products or services after seeing mobile unit with graphics or van graphics.


Deliver high frequency. Located on highly visible, heavy traffic locations such as expressways, highways and major intersections.

30- Sheet Posters

Purchased in multiples, these provide efficiencies to media plans by lowering cost per thousandimpressions. Ideal for new product or service campaigns within a market.

8- Sheet Posters

Purchased in multiples, offers versatility for short-term seasonal and regional campaigns.Greatfor targeting ethnic areas.
Mobile Billboards

Mobile Billboards

Mobile Billboards Flexibility is the main advantage of this unique “mobile billboard.” This product can be used to achieve market saturation, or be skewed to reach a specific demographic target. Mobile billboards have a 92% renewal rate (highest in out of home.)

Trnsit Displays(Bus)Icon:

Transit (Bus) Displays Purchased as a package of multiple displays. Delivers high profile exposure near point of purchase locations. Generates quick recall, which can establish brand awareness. Transit (Bus) Shelters Purchased in multiples, this product offers outstanding visibility and quality impressions within a glass showcase. Delivers high circulation figures due to its curbside positioning along main roadways.
What our clients say

In a world of ever-changing technology, it’s hard to figure out the right marketing strategy to meet your goals. We’ve struggled with how to market to teens for City events....until we worked with Walking Billboards! Teens talking to other teens with what looks like a giant cellphone on their back did the trick! In 2 years, we more than doubled our event attendance and I highly recommend Walking Billboards for your next event!

Jodie Moreno, City Manager’s Office, Community Events and Special Projects Coordinator.

I’ve used Atwell Media’s Mobile Billboard campaigns on multiple occasions at two separate companies, and the immediate impact in driving foot traffic to the stores has been very impressive. The print quality is fantastic, and the professionalism from the ownership and account management team all the way to the drivers has been outstanding. With many billboards going digital (and cutting down exposure/ impressions), this mobile option has given us a truly eye-catching new marketing vehicle with a great ROI.

John Khatcherian, Marketing Manager, Laws Management LLC.

"MetroPCS has done business with Atwell Media Services in the Sacramento area for the past 9 years. During this timeline Atwell Media Services has never failed to deliver on their projects within the time allotted and to the quality expected. Atwell Media Services has become a highly trusted and relied upon vendor of MetroPCS. Their commitment to a high level of customer service, expedient production time, quality production, and commitment to exceed expectations has secured them as a top vendor of MetroPCS. Atwell Media Services provides MetroPCS with advertising tactics that have proven effective in helping the success of MetroPCS in the Sacramento Market. We look forward to continuing our close partnership with Atwell Media Services in the years to come.

Neil Fabbri, Senior Marketing Coordinator, MetroPCS

“Brian has been an extremely valuable resource as we have worked with him numerous times to develop well rounded campaigns for our clients including an outdoor or non-traditional components. Brian is very easy to work with and delivers information in a very conversational manner which is a fresh approach as opposed to the 'hard sell' from most other resources in this industry.”

Dave Cox, CEO – Elevendy, Inc.

“Brian and I have worked together on some of the most stressful, client pressing situations. He has always kept his whits about him and maintained a level of professionalism and vision that not commonly found in the digital media environment. He excels at managing project and business relationships in a way that can only be described as a Gift.”

Michael A. Timineri, Chief Executive Officer, Timineri Ventures, Inc.

“My firm drove marketing and public relations for the Literacy Classic college football game in California. It turned out to attract the largest sports crowd in San Jose history. Atwell Media Services was an important partner of ours. They helped us with some of our media planning providing their expertise and were flexible and professional in helping us make the appropriate buy for our client.”

Chris Taylor – Executive Partner, Founder, The Tager Group

"I have continued to work with Brian in purchasing outdoor advertising. I've been in the broadcasting business for almost twenty years, and Brian rises above the rest in his customer service, brainstorming, timeliness and follow through skills. He is exemplary in his field"

Jennifer Nicholson Central CA Media Manager, Comcast Communications

"Brian always goes the extra mile for his clients. At a recent pitch, he provided us with that extra edge that helped us maintain our creative advantage over the competition."

Kris Hanson Creative Director, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

What our partners say

RSE has partnered and worked with Brian Atwelland his team at Atwell Media Services for 15 years.He has consistently provided exemplary service for our clients in markets throughout California with outdoor media placements.He has worked with us on statewide buys with multi-cultural targets and he also helped to develop and deliver upon special state-mandated targeting formulas at the census tract level. Brian knows the out-of-home industry and was instrumental in helping us win a low bid contract through his work on an outdoor remnant program.

Brian has also assisted RSE in radio and TV placements when we needed additional manpower.

Brian has provided us with post buy analysis and data to help our clients determine their advertising successes.We have watchedhim grow his business through the years to the point that has become our go-to partner when to responding statewide requests-for-proposals. His consistency and respect of our needs and timelines have proved invaluable.

Kelley Kent, Media Director, RUNYON SALTZMAN, INC.
Digital Displays

AD Specialties

In addition to our out-of-home advertising services, Atwell Media Services is able to provide your business with over 900,000 promotion and marketing tools. Promotional products to imprinted apparel and textiles, our aim is to provide you with exciting ideas and cost efficient promotional products. Whether it's an event, trade show, grand opening, employee recognition program, customer appreciation, marketing program, company golf tournament, our staff is prepared to deliver the products your business requires.

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