Why OOH?

Why OOH should be a key factor in a marketing plan:

  • Specialization and fragmentation in other media, especially radio and TV which has led to more outdoor.
  • Shift in thinking behind media buying. Media buyers are paying attention to when and why consumers come into contact with messages.
  • New technologies have transformed outdoor into a dynamic and interactive medium.
  • Can’t be turned off.

Types of OOH

Outdoor advertising offers significant variety and forms:


Backlit Posters


Mall Posters

Transit Shelters

Digital Bulletins

Full-Motion Video Displays

Street-Level Advertising

Wall Banners & Murals

Mobile Billboards

Stair Risers

Ceiling & Floor Decals

Station Domination

Airport display



Advantages of OOH

  • Target Reach & Frequency
  • Media Compatibility
  • Content Flexibility
  • Targeting Flexibility
  • Creating Product Awareness
  • Size & Quality of Message
  • Cost